My Music

For most of my life my primary focus was on music! I was a singer, keyboardist, guitarist, banjo player, and songwriter.

Before I was fully established as an engraver my life was all about music. For many years being a musician was my full-time occupation while engraving was part-time. I was a teacher – vocals, keyboard, guitar, choir, and band. I was a music minister at several different churches. For some time I lived in a bus that I gutted and turned into half living quarters and half studio. I traveled around the NorthWest giving testimonial concerts performing traditional and gospel music as well as many songs I had written.

Health issues put a heavy damper on my performing days and today my music is primarily for me.

I have one album – Not Like These – that has been fully recorded and produced and is available for you to hear or purchase at the following:




All music on the Not Like These album, with the exception of The National Anthem, was written by me. All instrumentals were performed by me with the exception of the flute and harmonica which was graciously performed by Dan Blunck.