Firearm Engraving

Firearm Engraving today brings on its own challenges above and beyond being just an artist engraver. In this modern world there are many legal and liability challenges for both the engraver and the client.

By law, all engravers who keep any firearm overnight are required to be an FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder. When first facing this I thought it we be problematic but, like the agent told me at the time, it has truly made my business in dealing with firearms and engraving them easier, safer, more profitable, and gives me access to a wide range of gun associated possibilities I never had before.

For you, the client, it makes it very easy. Since what I do is technically considered “smithing” by the BATF, you are allowed to send your firearm directly to me and I back to you, no background checks, when I’m finished. HOWEVER…

You must follow the guidelines when shipping me a firearm. You must first send me the make, model, caliber, and serial number of the gun you want engraved. Then you must ship it using only FedEX or UPS and follow the guidelines found here: BATF SHIPPING REGULATIONS You MAY NOT ship through USPS.

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